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If you would like

to share this project with a

group of friends or family. For £6.00 you will receive a bundle of ten fabric spoons all assigned with a wise woman's name. Plus one leaflet. Please donate below  

To take part in The Medicine Spoon Memorial donate for a remembrance package below. For £3.00 you will receive one preloved fabric spoon with a wise woman's name assigned to it. Also a leaflet with guidelines and more information about the project.   

About the project

Caren Thompson the curator of The Medicine Spoon Memorial has committed  to a year long inner journey exploring the inherited trauma of the Burning Times. Where millions of women throughout Europe where persecuted, tortured and killed for being named as a witch. The journey is a collaborative one with a group of brave and amazing women. They are named the The Silver Spoons Collective. This group is being guided and supported by Cali White ancestral healer and creator of The Burning Times workshops which Caren attended back in 2019.  

The Silver Spoons Collective are holding an intention throughout the year and have been invited by Cali to create a piece of work which will be shown in a touring exhibition around the U.K. in 2021.  

Caren's creative piece is The Medicine Spoon Memorial. 

The Medicine Spoon  Memorial in its simplest form is a creative and collaborative art memorial. It intends to acknowledge women who were persecuted as witches during the witch hunts in the United Kingdom.

Caren aims to individually remember women who names lay forgotten in trial records. She is inviting others to join her in this creative project of remembrance.  Opening the project up to others allows the healing of this feminine wound to spread and ripple out into the world. Using the symbol of a spoon printed on to pieces of fabric, a wise woman's (witch) name is written onto the fabric and decorated in whatever style or medium the collaborator wishes to use.  


Alongside a fellow Silver Spoons Collective member Lynsey Tidbury,  Caren is researching trial records and gathering the names of the women who where persecuted during the witch hunts in the U.K.  

 Caren is currently releasing the Scottish names first which there are 2719 women.   

If you feel called to take part in this work please donate for a spoon above. 

To stay up today with how the project is progressing please follow the Instagram account and Facebook page.  


To learn the story of the Burning Times and the importance of healing this wound please visit Cali White's Website The Silver Spoons Collective - Love is our Power