On Monday 29th of March 2021 The Medicine Spoon Memorial will be moving into its second stage. The English womens names will be released for honouring. From this page there will be a paypal button in which to donate for your rememberance package. 


In the package you will receive a preloved piece of fabric with a handprinted image of a medicine spoon.  You will be assigned a wisewoman's name in which to rememeber. Also there will be a leaflet with more information. The rememberance package are 3.00 pounds each.    


There are fewer English names than Scottish therefore the decision has been made to only allow one spoon per person so this will hopefully give more people the opportunity to get involved. There will be the option to buy multiples but only up to five per address. 

Once you have received your package you can begin the journey of rememebering your woman in a creative way. 

You can use whatever creative technique you like to decorate your piece of fabric. Please ensure that womans name is clearly displayed onto the fabric for all to see and leave a 1cm strip at the top of the fabric free from any design as this is where it will be stitched together.